Babycakes + Court B. = Cupcake Coma

After the Burger Lounge, we went to Babycakes for dessert.  One of our favorite places, we have totally jumped on the cupcake bandwagon without abandon.  We’ve come here for years, and I’ve studied here, met interesting people, told and listened to dessert-soothing sob stories, reenergized myself after a blood bank pass out…the list goes on.

Here’s what I like about Babycakes.  You always feel cool here.  A cupcake joint with a bar that actually feels like a cafe or lounge?  I don’t even drink alcohol, and I still think that’s a little bit rad.  All your Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera guilty pleasures are embraced here.  You feel naughty ordering your dessert (hello Courtney’s chocolate vibrator).  This place is the great equalizer.  The sign on the bathroom reads,   “One bathroom for men, women, and drag queens.”  We’re all there eating cupcakes, all kinds of people – no one has to feel bad about him or herself.  Oh, and the cupcakes – they’re gorgeous and rich without being overly sweet.

My hangups: the wifi does not always work that well, the other dishes are just okay (although there are vegetarian options), and sometimes I wish the cupcakes were a smidgen lighter.  I’ve tried many of them, though, and I always go back.  You cannot help but love the flamboyant joys of Babycakes, and it is my favorite San Diego cupcake place, even if the blood orange cupcake does not really have a blood orange slice on top of it.

Babycakes is  at 3766 Fifth Avenue in Hillcrest (next door to the Hillcrest Sandwich Company!).  It is open from 9 am – 12 am Sunday – Thursday and 9 am – 1 am Friday and Saturday.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Open late: one more reason I love Babycakes.  The bar opens at 5:00.

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