Burger Lounge + Mark M. = Repeat Review

Meet Marky, the youngest of my siblings. Mark is nine years younger than me, but we've always gotten along perfectly. Mark is a fabulous writer, a ladies' man, ridiculously attractive, and a kind, old soul. I love my baby brother.

Eh, I’m not going to actually review it again.  Just soak up the loveliness of the most delicious of veggie burgers.  This time, a bite in Hillcrest with my little brother Marky before heading over to the used bookstore and farmers market in Mission Hills.  Dang.  It’s just so good.

For those who want a little more information on the Burger Lounge, you can go to the website, or you can check out my last blog posting on it.  The Hillcrest location was easier than the Kensington one this time, but it really is all about timing.  2:30 on a Friday vs. dinner time on a Saturday.  The place was still full-ish on Friday, but we didn’t have to wait, and we could hear one another.  Busy restaurant = good food…usually.

Here’s the quinoa-based burger (but seriously, try it even if you’re not a vegetarian), and we got half an order of fries and half an order of onion rings.  Always crispy and never greasy and herbed!  The lovely thing about the Hillcrest location is that all the condiments are hanging out where you can grab them yourself, so ketchup lovers are good to go.  I’m not entirely sure if they want you to take them, but if they are in sight and reach, I figure they are fair game.

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One Response to Burger Lounge + Mark M. = Repeat Review

  1. ah, sure do love that place. 🙂

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