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The Trails + The Family = Boosted Breakfast

I watch too much Food Network.  Well, I don’t always watch it, but it’s on in the background a lot.  Hey, it’s how I learn to cook.  Of course, anytime a San Diego joint is mentioned, my ears perk up, … Continue reading

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Herbs + Spices = Free Flavors

Two and a half weeks ago, I started eating super healthy and working out like a mad woman, doing P90X, which is going awesomely (11.9 pounds, 16 total inches down, as of Sunday), but let’s be real, often delicious food … Continue reading

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Aroma + BarFly + Court B. = Pizza Padding

Court and I met up for lunch a couple Saturdays ago, and I wanted something chic, so I suggested Aroma in La Jolla because I loved their soup, salad, and crepe combo, and I knew I could get a vegetarian … Continue reading

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Grilled Veggies + Substituted Dinner = Bested the Burger

I never want to eat meat; however, when everyone else with whom I am eating is eating meat, it can be kind of a pain, so I often look for easy alternatives I can make quickly without disrupting the flow. … Continue reading

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Fresh Start Foods + Mission Hills Farmers’ Market = Soupy Solutions

I love flowers, but it seems that even when I am dating someone, the charm of purchasing flowers for a lovely lass such as myself is a lost tradition, so I buy them for myself, and my favorite place to … Continue reading

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