Herbs + Spices = Free Flavors

Two and a half weeks ago, I started eating super healthy and working out like a mad woman, doing P90X, which is going awesomely (11.9 pounds, 16 total inches down, as of Sunday), but let’s be real, often delicious food comes with a massive calorie count, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Jut like being a vegetarian, being healthy just means you have to be more creative with your food, so I’ve been thinking a lot of free flavors, like spices and herbs, and I’ve been training my palette to appreciate more natural and pure flavors.  I still like to go out, but I’m being a lot more careful about what I select and how much of it I eat.  It can be a challenge, but I really want to be healthy and feel amazingly wonderful, and I do.  It’s not just about what you take out of your body, it’s also about what you put in, so I’ve been making an effort to figure out what the most nutritious foods are for me, and put them together in bright, colorful, and yummy ways.  Plus, now I have even more use for this two pound Costco bag of garlic!

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3 Responses to Herbs + Spices = Free Flavors

  1. William says:

    Oh, my goodness! That P90X looks like a great program but I don’t think I’m dedicated (mad/crazy) enough to make that big a change in my life 🙂 Well done, you! I can only imagine that this can make huge improvements in a person’s healthiness! Yup, I’m impressed…

    • bar says:

      Thanks dude! I’m super pumped. It’s an awesome program. Like, who has time to work out, you know, but it’s only an hour and a half max everyday. I modify the snot out of it, but I’m getting better, and it’s getting easier, and Tony, the host is hilarious, so it makes it easier. I’m thinking about posting progress videos to help other people who might need some inspiration.

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