Sugar & Spice Nuts + NYE = Sweet Spread

Okay, these in no way fall into healthy habits…because they’re candy…basically.  Anyway, they’re delicious, and I made them for any guests who may have come over for New Year’s Eve, only having a few myself, so I’m okay discussing regardless.  This is not my own recipe, but when I do the manual labor, I consider myself an accomplished chef of sorts (too much credit for moi, I know).  This recipe comes straight from the classic: Betty Crocker, and it’s a perfect treat to put out for snackers before the meal is ready or late at night.

You can find a similar recipe here.

Some modifications you could try: use a slightly beaten egg white instead of the water, nix the salt and vanilla, and add 1/4 – 1/3 teaspoon nutmeg.

I also freshly squeezed a variety of citrus fruits and mixed a nonalcoholic beverage with a touch a mint and put out some homemade bruschetta with pita chips and toasted baguette.  I should note, however, my sister and her friends (friend?) ended up going out and bringing pizza home for themselves, but I thought the appetizers were good!

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One Response to Sugar & Spice Nuts + NYE = Sweet Spread

  1. William says:

    I love a meal of appetizers 🙂 That nut recipe sounds good!

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