Swami’s Cafe + Annya B.K. = Fresh Fare

Meet Annya B. She's married, so really it's Annya K., but I still think of her as Annya Bueno because when your last name is Bueno, you can't ever expect it to fully go away (and I don't think Annya would have it any other way). ABK ;). I love both Annya, and the shirt she is wearing in this picture.

My dear friend, Annya, and I grew up together, but as we get older and our lives are fuller, we find it’s more difficult to set aside time to spend with one another, so kudos to Annya for making it a New Year’s resolution that we see each other at least once a month.  For our January date, we went to Swami’s in the La Mesa village to chow and chat.

Swami’s is an extremely vegetarian and vegan friendly place.  You can get almost everything vegetarian – go garden on a burger, mock on a turkey or bacon sandwich, and there are tofu options.  If you are looking for some healthy choices, this is the place to go – meat eaters and veggies alike will be satisfied.  Annya ordered a Caesar, and I got a chipotle garden burger with a side salad, basil vinaigrette on the side.

Before our food came out, we were left with a loaf of rosemary bread, all of which I would have eaten at a less healthy point of my life.  I did indulge in one slice, and it was so good.  Light and savory, with a sweet crust (see: shiny top in the photo).  Mmmm.

Everything I ate that night was rather delicious.  I love that basil dressing, and I love that the salad is bright and fresh with more on it than some old lettuce pulled out of the back of the kitchen’s fridge.  Sprouts!  Yum.  It really is a beautiful plate of food.  The black bean-based burger was tasty, as well.  With chipotle and avocado (two of my favorite fixings of all time) and double tomatoes(!) atop it, how could they really go wrong?  Another nice note: as you can see, you get a lot of food, so no part of you leaves still feeling hungry, but at the same time, you don’t feel like you messed up your healthy eating.

Service was exactly what I like – my water glass stayed full, but our waitress essentially left us alone and was quick with the check when it was time for us to leave.  With tip, my half of the check came out to just over $10, definitely a number I can handle.  Also, lots of organic, soy, stevia, wheatgrass, natural smoothies and juices, you name it.

This Swami’s Cafe is located at 8284 La Mesa Boulevard, La Mesa, near Cosmo’s (another favorite).  Swami’s is open from 7am – 9pm, Monday – Saturday and 7am- 4pm on Sunday.

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4 Responses to Swami’s Cafe + Annya B.K. = Fresh Fare

  1. The “fixings” on your veggie burger are gorgeous! Look at all of those sprouts! They must grow there own. Nice to spend some time with your buddy. Makes me miss my girl friends!

  2. Sounds like a great time! The food looks delicious–especially the loaf of rosemary bread! x

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