Good + Really Good + Really, Really Good + Book = Peaceful Personal Picnic

After getting my hair cut on Saturday, I popped over to Sprouts (formerly Henry’s, formerly Boney’s, formerly called Bone-Dogs by my older brother and I) to browse the aisles and get a snack before plopping myself down at the park to reread Night before delving into it with my students this week. While not completely there, I’ve been making an effort to explore veganism and raw foods more lately, so I ventured in that direction.

This is good. Go Raw Flax Snax. Flax seed is kind of a super food, with tons of health benefits. It has omega-3 in it and is a great source of fiber. It is said to help lower cholesterol, decrease insulin resistance, and may even prevent cancer! Okay, I never fully believe that certain foods will prevent cancer, but I’ll take anything that helps protect my body in general. This is a raw food, and it tastes like it. This snack has sprouted flax and sesame seeds. When seeds are sprouted, it’s easier for the body to get the nutrients because they’re already released, and the seed becomes an even greater source of protein. These seedy crackers(?) were dried and sealed with a touch of organic tomato powder, giving them a touch of extra flavor. I’ll be honest, these are a little bland, but given that sometimes I just eat a small handful of flax seeds, I dug it. I know it’s a little weird, but I really like the texture of flax seeds. They totally get stuck in your teeth, and it takes forever to flick them all off, but I love doing that! These are super healthy, and as with anything, I know the more I eat them, the more the flavors will become more pronounced to me.

Kombucha is really good. I’ve been hearing people sing Kombucha praises for a while now. It’s supposed to be an overall, make you feel awesome drink – great for your skin, hair, digestive system, appetite, immune system, energy levels, and pretty much anything that’s wrong with you. An elixir! People swear by this stuff. I tried it last week, and I felt it! Like right away. It felt like it was purifying my insides. I want to try to drink it a few times a week for a month or so to see what it does. My Kombucha experiment. Honestly, it’s kind of a trip of a beverage.

Now, these cookies are really, really good. Uncle Eddie’s vegan trail mix cookies – yum-meeee. They are soft and chewy, like cookies should be, but then you get a crunch in every bite from the peanuts and sunflower seeds. You taste a range of flavors sprinkled across your tongue every time you put the cookie in your mouth because there is so much going on – nuts, seeds, raisins, molasses, sea salt, cocoa, cane juice, palm fruit, and more. All organic. Let’s just say I ate more than the one I should have eaten. So good.

Life is busy. I would love to be someone who makes everything at home – bread, peanut butter, granola, everything. Who wouldn’t want creative, healthy treats to take with them wherever they go? I am making an effort to do more of my own cooking, but let’s be real. Sometimes it simply takes too long to make homemade everything, so if anyone out there has any other great store-bought vegan or raw snacks that they love, let me know!

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6 Responses to Good + Really Good + Really, Really Good + Book = Peaceful Personal Picnic

  1. Matt says:

    Pretty sure kombucha wouldn’t be considered kosher.

  2. Matt says:

    You know more people would go in there if it was called Bone-Dogs

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