Wraps + Couscous = Savory Splendor

Several years ago I tried a couscous salad-to-go from Trader Joe’s, and I loved it. That was the first time I had ever tasted couscous, which feels like mini pasta balls and is actually semolina (which is used to make pasta, so yes, in a way it is mini pasta balls). I don’t recommend referring to it as such, however, since semolina sounds far too much like salmonella and pasta balls…just pasta balls. I actually love the nutty flavor, and this California couscous salad is one of my favorites. Really, I could eat bowls of it.

What makes it Californian? There are avocados, duh. Don’t you love how California has decided anything with avocados on it can be deemed a Californian dish? I do. The salad is composed of cooked couscous, halved cherry tomatoes, chopped avocado, a handful of corn (I cook it just for a minute in a pan, no oil needed), and cilantro. It doesn’t even need a dressing. The moisture from the tomatoes, corn, and couscous almost act as a dressing. It’s addicting, easy, and versatile.

To accompany my salad, I made some tofu lettuce wraps. A simple dish made of chopped firm tofu marinated in a little soy sauce, agave nectar, ginger, salt, and pepper. I just grill it up, add some cilantro, and pile it into romaine cups. Fold them like a taco, and enjoy!

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4 Responses to Wraps + Couscous = Savory Splendor

  1. OK, I admit it–I never thought about what makes it a Californian! Your photo is gorgeous–the tofu lettuce wraps sound delicious!

  2. Girl!! This recipe is fantastic (easy, delicious, fast, fresh)! I’m making that California couscous s**t!

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