Lotus Cafe and Juice Bar + Thomas L. = Catching Up Cuisine

Don’t tell me there’s not something to be said for rose straws. Nice touch, Pink Noodle.

I feel like it’s been about 11,000 years since the Virtual Vegan Potluck, which was awesome incidentally. I haven’t been all that experimental in the kitchen (although I did make a delicious roasted garlic and tomato spread, which I’m planning on translating into a roasted garlic and tomato bread – stay tuned). I have been out and about, however undocumented. In brief – a bright summer watermelon salad and tomato soup at the vegetarian unfriendly Gingham (salad was good though), chipotle chick’n and chili at Evolution (my fave dishes there to date), Knockout noodles at Pink Noodle, vegetable masala at the very vegetarian friendly Tandoori Hut, Greek salad and pita at the Greek Cafe, Greek salad and breadsticks (OMG) at Pat and Oscar’s rebranded and reopened O’s American Kitchen, quinoa veggie burger at Burger Lounge, and…I eat out too much…

Thomas and I have known each other for years. I love him because he is caring, hilarious, and quite honest. One of those people I know I can lean back and count on, without any judgment or reservation. Pretty unique qualities to find in a person.

Moving on, I have yet to blog about my revisit to Lotus with my dear, Thomas. Now, I’ve already reviewed Lotus, but I did want to make mention since I tried something new, and I want to try what Thomas got since it looked so delectable.

This time, I actually wanted to order the Nirvana burrito again, but as any good friend would do, Thomas forbade it, and I ordered alternatively instead :). (Aside – I just looked at the online menu, and the three dishes on the homepage look like they should be part of my life). This time around, I ordered the Tempting Tamale, vegan, made with a corn, green chiles, pinto beans, and ground peanuts and garlic filling, all wrapped up in corn masa and decorated with ranchero sauce. It’s served with rice, black beans, and salad. Yum again. I really dig this place. The food is fresh, healthy, and interesting. It’s rare as a vegetarian to go somewhere and have endless options from which to choose, but here you do, and it’s not even a solely vegetarian joint. Nice job, Lotus Cafe.

Thomas ordered Pipe’s Pita – falafel and hummus! What an adventurous trooper – he’s not even a vegetarian, and he went for it anyway. His dish was served with beautiful blue tortilla chips, and he ate it all, so we can deduce that it was acceptable. I should have tried it. Next time remind me Tomasito!

Here’s the one and only thing with Lotus – know you’ll get a pretty normal sized portion here, not American normal, everywhere else in the world normal. This is a good thing, but if you’re famished, order a smoothie, too.

Thomas and I finished the night out by walking off our dinners at Balboa and catching up all all our news. Lovely night.

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