Crains + Cooking Class = Sustainable Solutions

In case you thought I was lying about awkward years, please enjoy this documentation of that moment in time, at our grad night, senior year. I’m the tank-topped blonde. I choose to blame everything horrifying here on the fact that there were bumper boats, and we got wet… Obviously, we were the cool and popular kids. I mean, clearly. We’ve all grown into… or out of… our looks quite a bit. This is a good thing.

Way back in those shy and awkward God-forsaken high school years, there was a handful of individuals who stood out as gems, teachers (and librarians) and students alike. One such lovely individual was Quena Crain (yes, it’s a great name – would make an excellent character in a story). Plaited daily, Quena lived on a beautiful ranch in Alpine, out in the east of San Diego, and came to school with a vibrant, free-spirited, and loving personality.

Still four or five years back, but you can see a progression. Me, Quena, and Nicole.

When high school came to an end, we all went our separate ways, and classmates and friends scattered across the world, but Quena kept friendships alive by hosting gingerbread house making parties or little get togethers at the ranch whenever it seemed people were back in town. Not only did this provide a way for us to enrich our friendships, but we were also able to get to know the Crain, et al., family, an enlightened, curious, joyful, kind, and accepting group – the sort of people who inspire and make you feel better about yourself after you spend time with them, people you are happy to know.

An introduction of sorts to tell those of you who live in or around San Diego about a cooking class and tour held at the Alpine ranch every season, with the next one coming up this Saturday. Truly, this is not an opportunity to be missed, so gather your friends or family (or both!) and enjoy an evening of cooking, learning, and enjoying the company of some delightful people. The event is a fundraiser for Alpine Ranch Creative Health & Ecological Solutions, or ARCHES, which cultivates sustainability and community through ecology, nutrition, and the arts (hello, doesn’t that sounds amazing?).

Please see the flyer below for complete information, including cost and the delicious menu items. For more information or to register, you can contact the wonderful Cass at

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