Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps + Almond Milk = Craved Cookies

I’ve been so on my game lately, it’s freaking ridiculous. Yes, pat on the back. I even went to Trader Joe’s today and did not buy my favorite guilty pleasure, chocolate covered almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar. I’ve been feeding my sweet tooth with my own variation of the frozen banana cocoa powder concoction I’ve been seeing all over blogs everywhere, but tonight I was both hungry and craving…cookies of all things (actually, this is completely not unusual for me at all). Even if it wasn’t cookies, I wanted something to bite into, not sip like a shake. Wellllll…cookiesaren’tonthediet!!! What’s a girl who is trying to change habits to do?

Elle the Cat never met a bowl of cereal from which she wasn’t willing to patiently wait for a possible sip of milk.

I bought a box of Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps last week because I was attempting to make vegan Rice Crispy treats for me, my gluten free friend, and our other friend as part of the fairly unsuccessful Batman snack packs I was building for us to get through the entire Dark Knight trilogy at the theater. The treats didn’t work as intended; although, I was happy with the accidental chocolate rice crisp delights that results.

Moving on. I have the rest of the box, so in an attempt to satisfy my craving without falling too far off (especially as I sit here watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony!), I poured some in a bowl and topped it off with vanilla almond milk. It kind of tastes like cookies! Hooray! Craving: satisfied…for now.

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6 Responses to Barbara’s Brown Rice Crisps + Almond Milk = Craved Cookies

  1. Batman snack packs! Great idea. Your bowl of cookies–I mean, cereal, looks great with Elle the Cat in the background!! x

  2. Cereal has long been me go-to evening craving stopper. And you’re right – sometimes you just want some crunch or bite.

    • bar says:

      Oof, me too! One day I will learn to just go to bed with the late night cravings set in. Admittedly, thought, I don’t feel too bad about a little bit of this stuff :).

  3. Sophie33 says:

    Yummy Yum Yum yum!

  4. Elias Lagerberg says:

    almond milk reminds me of a very fine cows milk that i drank in new zealand.`

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