Shopped Computer + Start of School = Bumped Blog

It’s been a bit crazy over her for the last few weeks. As many know, I’ve been trying to find a permanent teaching position this school year, which takes a lot of work… which produces little results. With that bit of stress and my computer being in the shop, I’ve been off my blogs. Of course, there is tons of good news. First, I am in a classroom now, for a bit anyway, until placement gets figured out – hopefully I’ll be here longer than a bit.  Second, after taking my computer to Best Buy right before my three-year warranty ran out to get a new battery and charger and the slight crack on the bottom fixed, they told me it had been approved for replacement. Say what?! Yep, they gave me a beautiful new MacBook Pro to replace my old one for the grand total of … $0! I mean, really, who gets lucky like that? Not me! Except this time. In actuality, I had purchased a $400 warranty when I bought the computer, but I’ve already had them replace my charger twice and work out a few other kinks, so that definitely paid for itself. The message here, kids, is…it’s a pricey piece of equipment; buy the warranty.

Anyway, lest anyone think I’ve perished, I am still eating… a lot, and I can’t wait to get some yummy new recipes up. Here’s a teaser…

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4 Responses to Shopped Computer + Start of School = Bumped Blog

  1. What a score on the MacBook replacement! Awesome! And your photos are making me very, very hungry. Post recipes soon, my girl!

  2. Sophie33 says:

    Congrats on being in the classroom! And what a good replacement! Good for you!
    Your pics are making me hungry too! 🙂 have fun with it! Mac rules!

  3. Girl…I’m counting on you for the Virtual Vegan Potluck!

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