Oy + Vegan Cleanse = Salad Stuffed

Has it really been over four months since I have posted? And I didn’t even write the last post! I know I’m not the most frequent blogger as of late anyway, but come on now, Barbie, that’s crazy! Such is life…

Last week, I was on Spring Break, so I decided to do a raw(ish) vegan cleanse. I was pretty good on the raw, but not perfect, in that some nuts were roasted at one point and whathaveyou, but otherwise, pretty good. More importantly, I felt amazing! This week, I’ve been finishing the yearbook at school, which has made for some very full days and very late nights, so I lost my momentum on the totally unprocessed bit, but I’m hopping back on board today. Ah, always that process.


ImageI’ve been on a new kick with salads – no dressing. What? My friend, Lusia, got me on it – just make sure your salad ingredients speak for themselves. But still, a little extra moisture never hurt anyone, right? So, here’s the trick – zest and juice! Zest a lemon, orange, lime (or all three) and then squeeze the juice on your salad. Not only does a citrus taste delicious, but it also helps magnify the existing flavors. Coooool.

Then! I went to my dear friend, Quena’s 30th fancy dinner party, where I was still able to eat completely vegan (amazing) and had a delicious lemon tahini dressing. Most of the ingredients for the food she made came straight from her family’s garden. And yes, I did tell her to start a blog! Ohhh, I was in heaven. Back on dressing, at least sometimes. I attempted a recreate at home to drizzle on my everything in the fridge salad.



Meyer Lemon Tahini Dressing


  • 2 heaping tbsp. of tahini*
  • zest of 1.5 Meyer lemons
  • juice of three Meyer lemons*
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1.5 tsp. of agave nectar
  • 1 tsp. of granulated garlic (I would have preferred fresh, but (holy smokes!), I was out!)
  • 1 tbsp. finely chopped basil
  • salt and pepper to taste

*Really, the bottom line is to do equal parts – this lasted me a few big salads, but if you need more, just do more and keep tasting it until it’s where you want it. When it tastes good, stop – my kind of recipe.



Put everything in a jar. Mix it up. I used a fork to whisk, screwed the lid on, and then gave it a good shake.


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2 Responses to Oy + Vegan Cleanse = Salad Stuffed

  1. Girl…Glad to see you back. AND! Glad to see you’ve signed up for the Potluck! Looks like another dressing of yours I need to whip up.

  2. Poppy says:

    Hi Barbie, I’ve nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award;
    Poppy đŸ™‚

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