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Mango Three Bean Salad + Mango Lime Cilantro Tahini Dressing = Virtual Vegan Potluck III

Aaaahhhhh!!! Virtual Vegan Potluck!┬áDid you see how many people are participating?! Whoa. Way to go VVP Team! I almost didn’t sign up this year because I sold my soul to my senior class and their end of year term papers, … Continue reading

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Oy + Vegan Cleanse = Salad Stuffed

Has it really been over four months since I have posted? And I didn’t even write the last post! I know I’m not the most frequent blogger as of late anyway, but come on now, Barbie, that’s crazy! Such is … Continue reading

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Corn & Black Bean Salad + Sriracha = Heat for your Heath

If you’re not using the delectable chili sauce, Sriracha on…you know…kind of everything, then you are definitely missing out. I was introduced to this sauce by my spicy friend, Nicole, quite some time ago, and I haven’t been able to … Continue reading

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Quinoa Salad + “Honey” Mustard = Substitution Satisfies

I was thisclose to making a pasta salad tonight, but instead, I went power bowl with some quinoa and a three ingredient honey mustard dressing. Ingredients Quinoa Salad* 1 cup dry quinoa 2 cups water 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped … Continue reading

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Ginger Garlic Tofu + Soy Yogurt = What(?!) & Whoa(!!)

There are certain dairy products I really love, and most of them have the words cream and cheese in their title, ice cream…whipped cream…butter cream…every cheese known to man…cream cheese (come on – that’s not even fair!). There is something … Continue reading

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Rainbow Cous Cous Salad + Citrus Vinaigrette = Summer Staple

I’ve been eating cous cous salad like it’s the last food on earth. It’s so flexible, and I can get all the nutrition could you ever ask for in one bowl. Of course, if I wanted to really take it … Continue reading

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Lemon Basil + Oil Free = Dare to Dress

A salad, that is. I spent some time looking up various “oil free” dressings, and while I did find some that looked pretty good, I was also kind of surprised that many people just put in less oil and call … Continue reading

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